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I'm an asshole. I'm rude. I'm apologetic when I'm wrong. I'm vindictive when I'm right. I'm wrong a lot. I'm kind. I'm racist. I'm passive aggressive. I'm argumentative. I'm paradoxical. I'm judgmental. I'm unafraid of being judged. I'm being judged. I'm hypocritical. I'm still an asshole. I'm fiercely loyal. I'm quick to drop hot rocks and give cold shoulders. I'm defensive. I'm protective. I'm bashful. I'm verbally violent. I'm woefully uninspired. I'm bisexual. I'm friendly. I'm hateful. I'm always accepting. I'm fond of cheesecake. I'm always going to be an asshole.

alien/s; blade; the descent; dodgeball: a true underdog story; the fifth element; forrest gump; galaxy quest; hairspray (2008); he loves me, he loves me not; the incredibles; jaws; me, myself, & irene; monster house; quarantine; shaun of the dead; sunshine; terminator 2; transformers; undercover brother; the way of the gun; zoolander

foster's home for imaginary friends; the discovery channel; friday night lights; living single; ned's declassified school survival guide; spongebob squarepants; ugly betty; the weather channel

a perfect circle; apocalyptica; björk; boomkat; brandy; celldweller; charlene kaye; charlie clouser; eminem; evanescence; fort minor; jason mraz; kelis; kidney thieves; kittie; korn; lacuna coil; linkin park; the lonely island; ludacris; missy elliott; p!nk; styles of beyond; within temptation

the color purple -- alice walker; harry potter -- j.k. rowling; magic time trilogy -- marc scott zicree; rose madder -- stephen king; uglies/pretties/specials/extras -- scott westerfeld; vamped -- david sosnowski

animals, patterned socks, lace, red and black, gloves, couches, canadia, the internet, porn, ticket stubs, old hoodies, piercings, raspberry green tea, fandom, benign crazy people, tilda swinton, GQMFs, bracelets, dkny be delicious, gingers, bell bottoms

cancer, flats, pink, skinny jeans, desperate housewives, love seats, fisting, liars, spiders, bigots, churches, tuna, flava flav, stans, children, chicken/potato salad, drunkards, elitists, buffy the vampire slayer, twilight, twitter, newport news, wallpaper

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